Withstanding the Winds of Time
by Loanne Lune
Gotham Books

"If I could, I would be a color you could taste."

This poetry collection is written by a veteran of the war in Iraq. The poems are divided into categories with shared themes: "Emotive," "Affection," "Faith," "Dedication," and "Lament." The emotive poems explore the mixed feelings that come with breaking societal norms. Contemplations on judgments that are unspoken lead to revelations of vulnerability. For example, it's okay to cry when harsh judgment hurts, and through it all, one must be true to oneself.These poems also poignantly ask why loved ones leave so many things unsaid until it's too late.

Introspection often plays the role of causing the heart to grow fonder, making love last through challenge, distance, and longing. These poems help one cope with the separation of death. Love is seen as being carried on the wind, and meditating on this gives the poet much hope. After touching readers' heart chords with affection, the poems blossom into a discussion of duality: there is no light without dark; sunlight and moonlight collaborate; joy and grief go hand-in-hand. The winds of time remind the human heart to face itself, to understand that everyone's time on Earth is unendingly felt.

In many ways, these verses reveal the mind's ability to slow down time. Whether sitting in silence or breaking boundaries, insight waits deep within, ready to burst forth in a flood of poetic energy. This energy brings a refreshing feeling, clearing the reader's inner landscape and offering a seat for inner virtue to dance to the melancholy of a cello's melody. Finally, these poems honor fallen soldiers, articulate heartbreaking loss, and are unafraid to dive into searing grief. A reader is encouraged to remember that the best gift one can give another is time spent together, focused on each other.

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