Your Gold Mind
by Richard Shine

"A land of honey a place of peace
Under skies so sunny and I hope"

Political and motivational, this collection balances social commentary with personal insights and explorations of faith. Poems like "Stop the Fight" address the inherent violence in American society and acts as a call for unity. "You Can't Hide" openly tackles the subject of domestic violence, while "So Divine" serves as a gentle reminder to readers about love's power in an ever-darkening world. Other poems like "Bless You" offer readers even more positivity, reminding them to "Keep your spirit strong." As the collection continues, readers find even more nudges towards the light and the positive. "Striving Days" offers them inspiration to move forward because "Striving days are best days / Bless days are striving days."

Uniquely voiced, this compilation unfolds like a conversation between age-old friends who have not seen one another in a while. Its magnetism lies in its positivity. Even though many of the poems explore intense societal themes, the selections turn toward the light and offer readers glimmers of hope. For example, one of the book's most memorable, positive messages appears in "Mind Power Pt. 2": "That's the mind that's the power / Plant your seed nourish your flower." This collection is a must-read for those who enjoy rhyming poetry since rhymes, various turns of phrase, and word plays drive the book's overall tone. For newcomers who are just beginning to experience poetry, this collection is an easy way to explore the genre. In many ways, it reads like a quiet devotional in which the entries come across like a plea for a better future.

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