Your Unique Consciousness: The Eternal Path of Life
by Dr. Anthony J. Emmett
Balboa Press

"We live this conscious life, but in our unconscious mind lies the answer to that eternal mystery of what we are and where we come from and go to after the body dies."

The author’s book takes readers from consciousness to the subconscious and the unconscious, with all the permutations between the levels. It examines topics such as reincarnation, ESP (extra-sensory perception), the soul, meditation, near-death experiences, and the chakras while also looking at some of the experts in the field. Combining research with the author’s own personal experiences, Emmett’s work is written from the perspective of someone who has lived the life of the divine. He describes the work he did with Sai Baba [an Indian guru], particularly at his ashram, and the enlightening experience he goes through and continues to go through with his divine connection. His book reveals much of his teachings. Focusing on the mind-body connection provides an especially important glance into one’s healing, as does the focus on divine love.

Besides the significant information discussed, the author notes techniques for one to utilize to help in reaching higher consciousness, including Silva’s method of getting into a meditative state, the value of yoga, listening to one’s dreams, astral travel, utilizing the chakras, and the power of love. The personal stories add a relatable component to the book, as do the stories of others who have achieved such enlightenment through the light and love of divine connection and divine bliss. While well-written, there are some repetitive passages, and the organization of the book sometimes falters, which tends to distract from the essence of the work. Overall, though, the text is written from the soul to the soul, and many readers will connect to the information as well as to the heart of the teachings.

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