Zoey Meets David
by Pat Tolve
Archway Publishing

"'I am exhausted, David and I had so much fun and it was only our first day together.'"

A seemingly normal pizza date between David and his mother leads to a chance encounter with a friend for life when David’s mother spies an advertisement offering Chinese Crested puppies for sale. Without wasting a moment, the two of them quickly finish their pizza and then rush over to the pet grooming shop listed in the advertisement. The proprietor warns the eager pair that puppies are a lot of work and that the one they have their eye on has already been returned twice for loudly crying throughout the entire day. David and his new dog, Zoey, become fast friends, and their first day together is filled with lots of playtime and adventure, but it isn’t long before David learns just how responsible he has to be with the new friend he has been tasked with taking care of.

Pet ownership is a dream of many children who envision interacting with playful puppies or adorable kittens. The refrain of the responsibility and the long-term commitment is familiar to anyone who has either asked for or had to consider getting a new pet. However, this book manages that moral with a little more care, highlighting all the joy and fun that one can have through pet adoption. Cartoon illustrations with rich saturated colors draw the eyes and help bring the story into the imaginations of its readers, packing each page with cute puppy action. Heartwarming and positive, this story manages to impart to its audience the importance of being a responsible pet owner but doesn’t turn a joyful experience into one that causes anxiety and dismay.

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