10 Minute Short Stories
by Zach Rehfeld
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

"What would be the answer to changing man’s need to breaking laws? The only answer has to be to change man’s consciousness."

The book begins with a reverend taking Johnny under his wing for some storytelling after Johnny’s mother determines that he may be falling in with the wrong crowd. Will Johnny learn the necessary lessons to set him on a successful path for his life?

The short stories presented in this collection represent a variety of themes that should speak to the reader's heart and mind. The story of the crow toward the beginning of the book ties in nicely with the consequences of spending time with troublemakers. Taking your time when making decisions is another message made important in multiple stories. An example of this is seen in “55 Chevy” in which the brother destroys his car in frustration, only to find out another solution was right in front of him. In “Devil’s Drop,” the importance of appreciating your own life is apparent after the young man crashes his bike and tears his foot. Other stories about leadership show that a leader has the skills of a warrior, the courage of a lion, and the wisdom of a loving father. “Little Brother” should be very relatable to most readers and tells a tale of a sibling who keeps helping another sibling at his own expense. Will the sibling learn to let go, or will he continue to give help to his brother?

The reader learns a variety of important life lessons on topics such as lending money, practicing kindness, paying for work, recovering from self-pity, and making a difference for others. This is a valuable collection that offers many memorable truths to apply in various life situations.

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