100 Tips and Tools for Managing Chronic Illness
by Joanna Charnas
MSI Press, LLC

"Sometimes we get sicker, sometimes we get fatter. It’s life. With determination and self-acceptance, we can continue to change. Sometimes we return to the way we want to be, and sometimes we change by moving forward."

For Charnas, a licensed social worker practicing psychotherapy, she wants you to focus on the positive. As someone who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome, Charnas knows and understands the nuances and difficulties of managing day-to-day life with an illness. By means of her new self-help book, she aptly imparts practical advice and survival tips from her observations and self-education over the years. She provides real examples of how one can savor the little things, cultivate a positive attitude, overcome challenges, and ask for help from family and friends.

Broken into exactly one hundred brief methods, each tip or “tool” is based on specific moments that Charnas recalls were helpful or important reminders for her. She effectively instills positivity and self-motivation to encourage one to examine details and find better, more certain ways of responding to situations despite the chronic illness that ails them. Her tips include learning the signs and symptoms of our own ecosystems to maximize health and wellness, taking micro walks to rejuvenate the body, embracing small delights such as having fresh flowers in the home or exact change at the store, learning something new, smiling through the pain, or trying a recipe. They are amusing, sad, universal, and particular.

Originally published on her WordPress blog over a period of two years, Charnas continues and expands upon her methods with this second book, giving her readers the worthwhile tips to help them with facing daily hardships. Her accessible narrative is written from the heart, filled with sensible guidance from someone who understands how to strengthen and manage the mental aspects over the body’s limitations. She easily counsels one to live as fully as possible with this straightforward book that is inspiring, uplifting, and beneficial.

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