by Carl Berryman
Author Reputation Press LLC

"'. . . we can continue our efforts to secure North America as our pantry.'"

China and Russia plot joint invasions on the USA and Europe. Furthermore, they decide to allow Iran to continue to do some of their dirty work, waging war against all non-Muslims in the Middle East and beyond. China needs to feed its people and expand to make room for its ever-growing population. The Russian government has “always dreamed of Europe as an extension of the Motherland." Both Russia and China need resources, as well. They also flat-out seek world domination. In the USA, amidst rampant corruption and imminent world war, Ethan, a two-star general, anticipates mass annihilation. In response, his family stores fuel, weapons, water, and heritage seeds for long-term food production.

Berryman’s book is well written and well organized. It includes intelligent details about weaponry, politics, history, genetically modified foods, and even geology. The author describes plate tectonics and likely earthquake activity should wide-scale bombing ever take place on earth. He writes about the effects of nuclear war on the future climate. He also imagines the value of preparedness and survivalists.

The questions this narrative prompts are thought-provoking. Will we take gun control to a level that the population cannot protect itself in the future, should the need arise? Will we spend so much on social programs at the expense of our national defenses, allowing other countries to surpass us in weapons technology? Are we naive about human nature and other countries' desires for a new form of manifest destiny?

After seeing a possible future from Berryman's perspective, readers will need to decide who would and would not survive if nations think of only their national interests. For those who like war strategy and fast-paced, smart dystopian novels, this book should be a perfect read.

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