30 Ways to Raise Capital for Your Business
by Chris P. Ogola
AuthorHouse UK

"Failing to use your gift or talent is like hiding money in you and at the same time looking for it elsewhere."

As the economic climate continues to shift, more and more people are looking to be their own boss or realize a creative dream that they’ve had by starting their own business. However, such a venture can prove risky and financially challenging. In this handy reference, the author has collected thirty different methods that someone can utilize in order to raise money to start a new business or grow a small business into something even more successful. From asking friends and family members for assistance or resources to applying for government grants or utilizing the Internet to engage in crowdfunding, entrepreneurs are sure to find a method that suits their situation and allows them to accomplish their goals using instructions that are brief, direct, and easy to understand.

The immediate feeling that one gets while reading through this book is a sense of hope and belief that whatever your dream career may be, you can attain it with enough ingenuity and determination. This book covers the all-important how when it comes to gathering capital, whether it’s simply acquiring money or building a network of professionals that will aid the business’s goal. Each chapter covers a different method of raising capital, including a couple of pages worth of explanation or examples in order to keep the research brief and the inspiration immediate. More than just a business book, the author’s positivity and faith will spur anyone to stop wondering what if and to start the process of making their dreams a reality.

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