301 Smart Answers to Tough
Business Etiquette Questions
by Vicky Oliver Skyhorse Publishing

"Heavy metal is for rock stars, not corporate superstars. Why follow what the supermodels are wearing when you have so many real role models to emulate?"

What do you do when the boss shows up drunk for a meeting and how do you broach the subject of asking for a raise when there have been massive layoffs in your company? In her newest book, 301 Answers to Tough Business Etiquette Questions, Vicky Oliver outlines, details, then quickly reviews these answers with wit and aplomb. With a nod to Emily Post, Oliver sets up various scenarios of what could be a troublesome situation at work, then deftly gives an explanation of not only what to do to circumvent the problem, but how to guarantee a positive outcome. Tidbits of fascinating information are also interspersed throughout, ranging from the history of etiquette to a quick set of texting terminology definitions.

Oliver makes learning about etiquette entertaining while also being vastly helpful to the millions of working Joes and Jills in her readership. Quick morsels of humor are scattered throughout the book, including a recurring character of the boss, whom she calls "Satan." If your boss walks in, say, "Good morning, Satan," (or whatever his proper name is) and be sure to wave him off with a cheery, "Catch you later." This book takes the time to answer business etiquette questions in clear detail with savvy and humor, but is thankfully not overly focused on minutia. It's a realistic and captivating guide to finding some common sense reactions to the myriad of tough situations each working man and woman has to face every day.

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