"Those items for which there is no collective place - items stacked on tables, shoved into the back of closets - are most likely items you don't use or need."

In 2007, Felice Cohen quit her job and moved into an apartment in the Upper West Side to focus on her writing. Her new home was in a great location at an even better price. The only catch: It had 90 square feet of floor space. Felice's tiny apartment caught the public's eye, and before she knew it, a video of her space went viral on YouTube. This book is a collection of ninety lessons she learned from living in such a small space.

90 Lessons challenges you to get rid of unnecessary "stuff" and clutter, and become a better person through it. Felice writes with clarity and confidence, condensing information into bite-sized pieces with real-world examples. She charms the reader with her life story in the introduction before she even dives into the meat of the book. The voice is frank, friendly, and full of energy that will inspire you to get up and finally get your place in order.

Having a small apartment is not the only thing that makes Felice qualified to give organizational advice. She has worked as a professional organizer for years, and so her lessons stem from extensive experience. Among the ninety gathered lessons, some miss their target by being too broad. Many others provide useful organizational secrets. For the most part, though, this book is less about organizing your space and more about organizing yourself. Throughout the book, Felice dispenses words of wisdom about breaking free from our materialistic nature and making the most of the things (and the space) that we have.

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