A Bone for Jack
by Susan Frances

"He dug a few holes to pick up a scent, but could not discover where that bone went."

Jack is a sweet Dalmatian who lives with his master, Rob, in Cape Cod. Unfortunately, Rob must head off to work one day and leave Jack alone at home. Hoping to brighten Jack’s spirits, Rob gives Jack a delicious new bone. As soon as Rob’s gone, Jack buries his bone in the yard. It’s a hot day, and an exhausted Jack decides to take a welcome nap. After he wakes, Jack is excited to chew on his bone. There’s only one problem: he can’t remember where he buried it. Jack begins to dig for it—everywhere. He digs up pansies and lilies. He looks under stepping stones and uproots rosebushes, but he cannot find the bone. He tips over a birdbath and angers the crow who had been drinking from it. Finally, he remembers that he buried the bone under the doormat. When Rob comes home, Jack must suffer the consequences of destroying the yard. He is sent to sleep outside in the dog house.

This is an endearing story about a silly, rambunctious Dalmatian who takes things a bit too far when he forgets where he buried his bone. The author has created a lyrical rhyming tale that reads as well out loud as it does silently. Frances writes with a simple and easy style that will delight both children and adults alike. The illustrations capture the playfulness of the story, and it’s impossible not to smile at the images of Jack in the yard. Frances’ book is truly a charming read.

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