A Broken Man
by Joseph Tyler

"Excess baggage can become very expensive, and decisions have to be made."

British author, Joseph Tyler, candidly shares his painful journeys of marriage, remarriage and divorce. He shares how any relationship can have problems. Ultimately, Tyler discovers it’s how he handles those problems that determine his emotional, financial, physical, and psychological outcomes.

Troubles begin with Tyler’s frequent absenteeism due to his military career. Then, there was the tragedy of infidelity when he falls in love with a married co-worker, Sally-Ann, whom he later marries. He is heartbroken when his first wife falls out of love with him. Tyler realizes the pain of not only the dissolution of his first marriage, but the damaged relationships with his biological children, Sam and Alexander. Vying for the love and affection of his second-wife, Tyler struggles to be a good stepfather. He experiences deep emotional pain when he’s rejected by his stepsons who consider Tyler an intruder robbing them of their mother’s affections and attention. Tyler’s greatest regret is not exposing his stepson’s criminal activities, which becomes a regretful decision that results in the breakup of his second marriage. These monumental stressors significantly impacts both Tyler’s and Sally-Ann’s health.

Written in the format of a diary and personal letters, A Broken Man is a profound account of brokenness, self-awareness, and recovery. Tyler has done what most are afraid to do: expose himself and his fragmented relationships to the world. Many will relate to Tyler’s journey. He adequately identifies damaging relationship characteristics such as infidelity, codependency, and addiction. Tyler clearly pinpoints the consequences of divorce: destroyed relationships, poor health, financial instability, and shattered self-esteem. These dramatic life events took Tyler down a long and arduous path to self-awareness, discovery, and renewal. He does a good job of exposing the ravages of divorce. Yet, he shares the hopes of rebuilding emotionally, psychologically, physically, and financially.

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