A Man’s Late Night Thoughts
by J. Richman
Dorrance Publishing Co.

"If your obituary won’t read an amazing life and you are alive do something amazing."

Inspiration picks strange times to strike. Sometimes when you most need it, nothing comes to mind. Then there you are, lying awake at three in the morning, and some profound thought crosses your mind and lands squarely on your nose. This book collects those types of thoughts— self-attained wisdom and peculiar ways of looking at the world—and presents them as an entire volume. With more than 300 to choose from, readers can turn to any random page and see the world through different eyes, surprised with the clarity and cleverness presented. Brief, witty, sometimes solemn, and at other times jovial, these thoughts are sure to strike a familiar chord with anybody that’s ever been unable to turn their brain off after a long or challenging day.

Like a haiku or a micropoem, these thoughts are presented with minimal formatting and structure in order to let them reverberate through the readers' brains as if they were their own thoughts. The variance in tone and theme portrays these as real, honest, and fleeting bits of self-dialogue and not just a collection of idioms presented under a make-believe theme. Often inspirational, other times heartbreaking, each page offers a single thought that can leave the reader surprised or in perfect cognitive harmony. While these types of reflections are not strictly male, the use of that gender in the title is apt as these are often the kinds of things that a man is brought up not to reveal but to internalize, and much rumination is given to the opposite sex. Straight and to the point with no additional window dressing, these snippets will provide readers with plenty to think or laugh about.

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