A Manual on Exposure in Photography
by Ceriel van Arneman
Author House

"Making good photos not only depends of a good lens and a good camera, but also of the person holding the camera. The camera nowadays is fully automatic, there is no need for great thought, and at the touch of a button you get a picture. However working with the manual control allows you more chance for creative photography."

The American photographer, Ansel Adams, once said, "You don't take a photograph, you make it." These are true words for the novice photographer learning the professional trade of photography. In today's world, the ease and speed of which a picture can be taken is incredible, but while anyone can snap a picture from anyplace in the world, there is a craft to the medium of photography that is still attractive to a select few wanting to explore deeper elements of photography as an art form.

Ceriel van Arneman offers such lessons on the craft for the beginner photographer. He provides information gleaned from what he has learned from years of practice into a well-bound book for accessible instruction on photography. For those who pride themselves on the use of old school photography, van Arneman's book presents good, useful guidance on techniques used to capture and improve photographic images.

The author's primary focus is on the correct use of exposure that includes a wide range of topics that are covered, such as the types of lenses, shutter speed, filters, flash photography, and portrait photography. Arneman also touches on the use of Photoshop—a powerful software program used by people all over the world for photo enhancement and manipulation. A Manual on Exposure in Photography is altogether a straightforward guide with ample graphics for clear examples. It should be helpful for anyone who wishes to learn the tools of the trade and desires to be a more hands-on and better photographer.

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