A Myopic Life Resonated from the Brink of the Abyss
by Simeon W. Johnson
Stratton Press, LLC

"...there are no formulas or drugs known to mortal man that can duplicate...such perfect bliss [as] that of the eternal God and everlasting Father."

The author of this memoir/testimonial has been an ardent follower of Jesus Christ since he was seventeen. In a brief biographical section, he tells of his birth in Jamaica and the death of his mother before he started kindergarten. Johnson was raised by a sister, his father, and some older brothers still living at home. He got into trouble with friends at school. Like the prodigal son, he moved to the city. Eventually, warning dreams of judgment brought him to his senses, and he returned home. His sister got saved and made a public confession in a little Pentecostal church. Johnson gives his own conversion from a myopic (blind) sinner to a follower of Jesus. He admonishes the reader to believe it or not. Like King Belshazzar in the book of Daniel, seeing a vision of writing across the night sky—ETERNAL GOD AND EVERLASTING FATHER!—stopped Johnson. Rather than resorting to old friendships, he migrated to Canada and then to the United States.

Full of scriptural references, this 111-page book makes an excellent evangelizing tool. Johnson’s personal experience with dreams and visions is intriguing. It is also evident that he became a serious Bible student and that this study gave him wisdom. His dedication as a new convert to memorizing large portions of scripture when a lack of funding forced him to discontinue is sure to evoke sympathy and admiration in his audience. The reader will also be drawn in by the author’s sincerity and obvious love for his savior, Jesus Christ. The timely subjects the author addresses are race, the signs of Jesus’ return to earth, and blood atonement vs. AIDS. Readers may find that the author’s goal of producing “an insightful and engaging read” has been realized.

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