A Perilous Question: A Marcie Kane Novel
by Barry Finlay
Keep On Climbing Publishing

"The people that do this sort of thing will do anything to get these young girls in their clutches. They promise them education, jobs, marriage, wealth, anything to persuade the girls they are doing the right thing."

A mystery novel regarding the international trafficking of young girls, the book delves into the reality of this horrendous practice. The author, who personally does fund raising for kids in Tanzania, Africa, examines the people who do the trafficking, the victims (including the girls being trafficked as well as their families), and those who either personally or professionally aid in trying to capture the traffickers and end the practice.The book takes us from Tanzania to the United States and places in-between.

Marcie Kane, a wealthy do-gooder, begins to learn about trafficking after visiting a girl’s dormitory in Africa that she has helped fund in order for the residents to be in a safe place and receive an education. Here she meets Shoni, to whom she feels connected. The book then focuses on the adventures that Marcie embarks on in finding Shoni and her friend Irene, who may have been transported to Tampa, Florida. Marcie also meets up with an interesting, attractive FBI agent who is on this case. In her naiveté, she gets involved with the dangerous traffickers. But with her training in martial arts and gun use, she becomes a gun-toting, fierce advocate for the girls while endangering her own life.

Written with a compassionate, knowledgeable voice, the book is an excellent story of mystery and intrigue. While educating the reader about the sins of human trafficking, it is also a story of salvation and healing, horror and redemption. Readers will probably come away from the book more educated and more passionate about how to deal with this social ill, for it combines the storyline with basic facts and statistics about trafficking. That the book covers not just the United States but other countries that engage in this practice reveals the international nature of the problem. It is a book not to be missed.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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