"The atrocity came to be called the Rape of Nanking.... I am clear about one thing. If my family and I had not been evacuated from Nanjing, we most likely would have been among the victims of what happened in Nanking."

In this first volume of four volumes, the author lays bare the tragedy of wars and man’s inhumanity to man—specifically the devastating impact wrought upon China when that nation was at war with Japan during the 1930s. Cheng proclaims his family’s powerful will to resist the Japanese invasion and occupation of China. In the face of mass genocide of the Chinese people, the author and his family exhibited courage and an unswerving determination to escape from the Japanese at all costs. During this turbulent period in the history of China, Japanese aggression was on the rise, and Japanese military forces were becoming quickly mechanized, much to the dismay of the fleeing Chinese population. Internally, Japan had devised a long-term plan to invade and occupy not only China, but also other regions in Asia and the Pacific as well. Although December 7, 1941 was still years away in the 1930s, Japan was on track for mobilization designed to conquer and control regions they determine were vulnerable to attack and occupation.

Cheng chronicles his family’s resistance to subjugation by the Chinese Communists in later years in China. The author details his fascinating experiences in finding ways to survive and escape the reach of the Chinese Communists, and their intent to humiliate and reduce the Chinese people to less than human existence. This volume is a testament to believing that the family unit can indeed prevail against seemingly overwhelming odds, if everyone in the family is willing to make sacrifices for the sake of survival. Given that Cheng and his family escape their potential fate of becoming a part of the mass genocide of Chinese people at the hands of the Japanese military and the Chinese Communists during the war years, this volume stands as an inspiring saga of personal triumph.

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