A Proper Weight Loss Program and Improving Health
by Kourosh Naziri

"Our tastes have changed too. Most people now eat more fatty, saltier and sweeter foods, that might create health complications."

This handy book on diet and exercise combines more than thirty years of research into medical science and other related health professions. Though a data network specialist by training, Naziri notes that there are over 100 medical doctors and dentists in his extended family. Showing the author's intense interest in the subject, his book aims to "keep an eye on the 21st century" and its medical issues.

In explaining that there are rhyme and reason for everything our body does, Naziri points to the following basic principles: our body's biological clock (specifically, eating and exercising at the same time every day); the importance of cutting excess sugar, fat, and salt from our diets; and getting sufficient fiber. He provides examples of people he calls "smart eaters," talks about the poison powder that is sugar, and related implications regarding diabetes. Naziri then discusses the importance of consuming enough daily water, listening to one's doctor, and taking vitamins and mineral supplements. The latter half of the book focuses on exercise, wherein the author quotes someone as having described proper exercise as "the best medicine," with its many known medical benefits for both body and mind.

This easy-to-digest book contains all the important information one might expect from a primer on diet and exercise. Except for some grammatical and syntax errors, the text is simple enough to understand and presents good, straightforward information for the average reader. Naziri's knowledge of and passion for passing on useful and relevant medical knowledge relevant to issues commonplace for life in the twenty-first century is quite obvious, and this relatively short book itself is, in fact, a delightful read.

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