A Senior's Experiences and Observations
by E. Grant Rees
Trafford Publishing

"I have been blessed with a remarkable lady as my wife for 54-1/2 years, and I was blessed to be able to care for Shirley. She was a real fighter for her life. She was everybody's friend. She loved her family. The last twenty months of caring for her was a small measure of pay-back for the many years that she took care of her family."

Grant, a retired Navy officer, and his wife, Shirley, face their golden years together in a senior development in Utah. Not quite ready for a senior living facility, the alternate option of a senior development provides a desirable community to fit their new lifestyle, affording them independence while still close enough to family. But as they "scale-down" and simplify, they are soon beset with new challenges in health medical conditions – Grant is diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and Shirley with colon cancer. Shirley's condition is by far the more severe, and they face a long road of recovery and rehabilitation, forcing Grant to become her caregiver.

Yet as Grant challenges the medical community as advocate on behalf of his wife, he is acutely aware of the politically charged landscape of the country, of its interconnectivity with medicine, freedom, religion, social issues, and the younger generations of voters about to cast decisions in an unpredictable upcoming election. Serving as a Republican State Delegate, Grant takes on the role as champion for senior citizens and fights to protect the future of the United States. Through all of this, Grant scrutinizes, researches, outlines, and records his personal thoughts and experiences as he and Shirley face their eventual days together.

In Rees' second book to date, his collection of observations over a period of several years is at once timely with keen insight into the difficulties many seniors face today. He ends on beautiful note by paying an eloquent tribute to his long-time companion and wife. While not everyone will agree with his political opinions, he provides guidance for others facing or potentially facing difficult medical situations and uncertainties in the final years.

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