A Test of Good and Evil
by Yuan Jur
Promontory Press

"We need your help again, Reader, as karmic shadow influence and observer in Superverse events now unfolding. Terrible things have happened while you've been gone."

And so begins A Test of Good and Evil by Yuan Jur. In the third installment of Jur’s Citadel 7 series, the Superverse continues to be a complex and threatening world. The Evercycle Council remains in charge of the time—space Continuum and has created one alternate present in order to manipulate the evolution of the Superverse. Main characters, Uniss and Dogg, find themselves in precarious positions with no way of knowing who to trust or where to hide. Meanwhile, Herrex, who has vowed revenge on all of his enemies and will do whatever it takes to achieve it, is transformed into an even darker being with more demented intentions. Now, previously trusted characters prove to have murky motives and secret, dangerous goals. Navigating the destabilized Superverse becomes a nearly impossible task. In this high-stakes science fiction drama where trusted allies suddenly transform into mortal enemies and past records remain inaccessible, evil seems to be finally winning out. It might just take Ben, the human apprentice, to stabilize the Continuum and save the Superverse.

This is a complicated plot with a rich cast of characters, but Jur writes with enthusiasm in the third book of the Earth Secret's Trilogy. The pace is lightning fast, and fans of his previous books will delight in another highly imaginative installation of his Superverse story world. As his readers must already know, keeping track of the characters and their comings-and-goings is a job unto itself. Nevertheless, focused readers will be wildly entertained by the adventures of heroes Ben, Uniss, and Dogg, as everything, including the Supervise, is placed on the line. This is a complicated but creative science fiction fantasy.

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