A Time to Hear: A Musical Stage Play
by S.J. Knight

"He is our shepherd…This I am sure of! But we must hear His voice, don’t you see? … [T]his is our time to hear."

Dan and his father, Ammiel, live in Banayim by the Sea of Galilee. The village folk hear exciting news of a prophet who is baptizing followers in the Jordan River. He claims to be sent before the Messiah as promised by the ancient prophets. Wondering and waiting were part of their Jewish culture.

But events are happening that relate more directly to Dan’s life: His father has decided to marry again. Family and friends travel to Anna’s hometown of Cana. There Daniel meets his future step-mother and also an elderly shepherd who long ago heard angels announcing a special birth. This occurred during the year of the census, the shepherd recalls. The tragic slaughter of small children followed because Herod feared the birth of a king for the Jews.

What happens next to Dan’s family―his father and his betrothed, his great aunt, and their family home―is the stuff of which dramatic musicals are made. After a drunken relative is discovered to be the villain, healing can begin.

In the final act, the family travels to Jordan to see the Baptizer. Reluctantly led by Anna’s Greek step-brother, an agnostic, they are accompanied by the old shepherd and a blind scribe. Will God speak and answer questions swirling in the hearts of Dan and the others?

Adapted from the book of the same name, this stage play in book format contains all the elements that an amateur musical group needs to put on the play. There is a list of characters, suitable for large or small casts, with costume recommendations and speaking/singing parts. Photos from a 2014 performance demonstrate prompts and positioning called out within the script. Musical scores, with Middle Eastern influence, are included for piano; other permissions by request.

This heart-warming read is part of a series by the author.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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