A Trip Around the Pond
by Jennifer Gardiner

"Georgette walked into her Granny's art studio and shouted, 'Granny, I want to go to Paris!'"

In this story for children, bored Georgette Mae, visiting her grandmother, announces that she wants to visit Paris, France. Georgette's artist grandma tells her that if the little girl walks around the pond near the house, looks "really hard and [doesn't] give up... [she will[ see Paris." Georgette packs up a day's worth of supplies in a toy train. With a little help from Granny, and a whistle to blow in case of trouble, she begins her journey.

Georgette's first experience on the way is her observation of a chipmunk holding his ears, apparently in response to the girl's wagon's loud "clickety clank." Shortly afterward, she observes dragonflies and birds, respectively flying and chirping. Georgette then sees that her train has come apart. Instead of whistling for her grandma's help, Georgette fixes the train herself. After that accomplishment, a slightly discouraged Georgette resumes her trip, while wondering if she'll ever see Paris. As she walks, she encounters additional delights, including flowers, butterflies, and deer. Although enchanted by the sight of windmills, the girl despairs that she will never see Paris. Escaping a rainstorm by going into a little house, she takes a nap. After her rest, she sees a kite flying. By following the path of the kite, Georgette sees what she has wanted to see, but differently: a taste of Paris (organized by Grandma). Georgette is content.

This simple tale demonstrates lessons of dealing with boredom through action, developing skills by practicing self-sufficiency, and working through obstacles towards a goal. Georgette experiences setbacks and discouragement but has unexpected experiences, learning lessons as she goes. Her perseverance results in an unanticipated reward. The illustrations created by the author are bright and cartoon-like to appeal to children.

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