"Among any captured FBI/UDN lead units, key members had a quantum computer cell injected directly with their own brain cells to spy on the Aryan Underground."

In the twenty-second century, a misguided effort to blow up an asteroid threatening to impact the planet with a nuclear bomb goes wrong. Tsunamis devastate large swaths of territory, killing millions as asteroid debris showers down. Even a new moon appears after a huge piece settles in near orbit. A millionaire attempts to exploit a neo-fascist army to help seize control, but the army decides to take control instead. Jonathan Cole helps the United Democratic Nations, a kind of futuristic UN, battle the rebels. The UDN wins, but soon it is apparent that there are neo-fascist cells remaining. Jonathan uses his psychic abilities and a special quantum computer disguised as a phone to remote view and sense the presence of a strange group of Aryan super clones intent on genetically engineering a master race with the help of rebel extraterrestrials. Will Jonathan succeed in thwarting this last bid for Aryan supremacy?

This science fiction novel is reminiscent of the hardcore, plot-driven works by the old science fiction masters. It is technical, intricate, detailed, and inventive. The theme is rather ageless: that of freewill vs. determinism. In this case, the issue is genetic engineering designed for a ruling super race versus milder engineering to enable deep space exploration by all (the new moon having ushered in a new ice age, making such exploration essential). Although Jonathan and a few others are fleshed out and given life, the brevity of the novel coupled with the wealth of world-building and socio-economic description has left some of the characters undeveloped. Be that as it may, the author’s plot and speculative elements make up for this and outshine what is found in the works of many others by far.

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