ALA Peanut Butter Sandwiches
by Penny Lambert

"Good thing I wore these extra pants, they are sure coming in handy now..."

Petunia, who lives on a hill and sleeps late, wears two pairs of pants because she thinks it is stylish. A fly flies into her peanut butter sandwich without her knowledge. She feels it fluttering in her belly, and she starts to fly. She asks the fly if it is finished eating, and the fly laughs. A bird flies into Petunia and knocks the fly out of her body. Petunia makes a parachute out of her extra pair of pants. She then tells her mom all about her adventure.

This imaginative story is a fun read for children. The author gracefully navigates through the timeline of Petunia's day. Petunia starts the day with waking up, speaking with her mother, and eating lunch, which is when the flying adventure begins. The aerial journey takes her to the zoo, the science center, the post office and her school. A fun aspect of the book is the personification of the fly from her sandwich. For instance, Petunia asks the fly, "are you done eating that sandwich yet?" The fly responds by laughing, something which typically flies do not do, of course. The author also uses descriptive phrases describing the bird knocking the fly out of her body such as "skimming the top of the tree," "swooping to get a fish," and "knocking the fly out of her." The reader can easily visualize the bird scene and sense that he is present for the incident. Petunia's mother is patient, understanding, and open to an adventurous and imaginative daughter, and their loving, open, and playful relationship is apparent.

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