Abruptions: 3 Minute Stories to Awaken the Mind
by Jack Matthews
Personville Press

"He remembered that, back in the old days, he had often frequented Jingo Bill's Bar and Grill, where a special drink, called a "Too Handy," was made for him."

As the publishing world continues to evolve, the groundwork is being laid for an exciting new form of literary experience. Authors now have more options to express their talents in digital and print formats, which allows them to experiment and push the boundaries of their mediums. In the case of this book, it has resulted in the entire collection of three-minute stories having no definitive ending. It is just the meat, the core of the tales, without any buildup or conclusion.

This simple technique instantly sets it apart from its competitors and emphasizes a deep understanding by the artist of his content. The entire book is a polished series of provocative concepts told from the depths of the human mind. The sensibilities of this literary journey are sweeping. It comes at the reader with a rush, unchained by any rules, free as a songbird. The concepts are also stripped of any desire by the author to impress. Many are the quiet rhyme and rhythm of the mind, the things we effortlessly conjure up and pass by without acknowledgment.

Matthews is an aged titan of letters, a Guggenheim Fellowship winner, and a skilled essayist who reminds all readers that it's okay to create without regard to convention. The author's book is a masterwork in the purest sense, the last gift from a master to his public. It is a worthy successor to his previous opus, Hanger Stout, Awake!, and a definitive bookend to a prolific career. Matthews' work welcomes readers like students, asking that they check their pretense at the door and keep their hearts on their sleeves.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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