Accidents in Time: Four Time Travel Stories
by John H. Plumb
PageTurner Press and Media

"This is too big for me. I have got to tell someone. How would I go about telling anyone, and who could I tell?"

From H.G. Wells' The Time Machine to the Back to the Future film series, time travel has become somewhat like the holy grail in science fiction. In Plumb's collection of four novellas, the pathway to initiating time travel is certainly unique and entertaining, kickstarting journeys for the primary characters that leave them in morally compromised positions. Audiences live out their time travel fantasies, some more sinister than others. While one of the stories features a house that jumps decades through time without aging its residents, another uses a specialized set of glasses to turn Las Vegas into a personal cash cow. The compilation opens up with a seemingly innocent experiment by a former member of the Navy, Mickey Manco. Unintentionally bringing two magnetically charged rings together, Manco creates a "zone" in which he is able to freeze and move through time, sometimes flying, sometimes swimming through the air.

One of the themes permeating throughout the novellas is temptation. Plumb's plot arc and evolution of character development intersect in a way that makes it nearly impossible for the character experiencing time travel to resist the temptation for utilizing the ability for nefarious activities. Naturally, the FBI finds itself in the middle of perplexing cases like bank robberies where red dust is the suspect's only signature. Whether it's jumping twenty-four hours into the future using the Day Leader (DL1) time travel device or being in a zone, all four novellas leave the primary characters in jeopardy of being slain for their creations. From a stylistic perspective, Plumb effectively balances prose and dialogue, allowing for effective flow and energy throughout the stories. Overall, each of the tales follows a similar pathway—discovery, temptation, and the hope for redemption—which results in an enjoyable read.

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