Adam and Steve: My Flesh, My Desire
by Minister Debbie Williams

"I know this book is not for everyone...but if it can help one person...I have done my job."

What this book offers is the author’s own story as the daughter of church members and who for a time was a practicing bisexual. Her struggle lay between knowing what is taught in the Bible as God’s word and her fleshly desires. She came to see the battle was spiritual and that the choice to resist and obey was hers. Choosing to do the hard thing, Williams followed God’s word as she had learned it.

The author presents and counters LGBT topics popular in the culture. In her opinion, churches cannot brainwash someone to resist their flesh and desires; rather peer pressure makes it difficult for people needing affection to change. The Supreme Court ruling should not nullify the popular vote. There are physical consequences that come with this lifestyle. Surgery is not a cure for transgender issues. The person’s underlying emotional needs must be addressed first. Parents have their own issues, thinking they do well to allow children, who can’t drink or drive, to decide their own gender.

No one is better qualified to write this book than Williams. She spent several years in the gay scene as a confessed bisexual. This is the story of two paths chosen. First, Williams wanted to see what was out in the world, having led a sheltered church life. The second path was in obedience to her understanding of the Bible. She now ministers to others who seek the answers she has found. This short book hits all the whistle stops used as arguments by the LGBT movement. While additional editing would increase the book’s effectiveness, the helpful inclusion of definitions, references, and an index help make up for any glitches. With its catchy title and clear, concise content, the book is perfect for personal distribution.

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