Advance Your Soul with Art
by Blanka Darazs MUDr., DM
Trafford Publishing

"The book is about the spectrum of colours which surround us. However, they are seldom appreciated for their visual and mental impressions."

Every morning the world comes alive with a wide range of colors as the light of the sun bounces off the various plants, people, buildings, and whatever else happens to be in our range of sight. Change the light source, however, and our eyes see the colors somewhat differently. The most dramatic alterations occur when using a source such as ultraviolet light to illuminate them. Employing this principle as a guiding focus for her art, the author experiments with different ways of lighting the subjects of her photographs to create stunning snapshots.

After a career of manipulating ultra sound waves to create diagnostic images of hidden objects in her role as a doctor in South Africa, Darazs has switched to moving around light waves in her retirement to reveal and highlight the often unseen angles and overlooked aspects of the world around us. Although man-made objects are also explored in her photography, Darazs seems to prefer subjects from nature. For example, several of her photos feature flowers with the focus on a single bloom. Yet these are not ordinary shots of daisies and poppies but highly crafted pictures where altered light and creative photographic techniques attempt to capture mood and evoke emotion in the viewer. The title of each selection helps with this, giving the reader a clearer idea of the feelings the photographer is trying to convey.

Opening Darazs' collection of photographs is like walking alone into a gallery of fine art and allowing yourself to bathe in the beauty and intrinsic emotions of the works displayed. Her skillful use of light transforms the ordinary into something special.

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