The Adventures of Rusty: Rusty Goes to Maine The Adventures Continue Vol. 3

by Beverly White-Adams and Rusty Adams
Trafford Publishing

"This mountain climbing wears me out! I ran many miles today over hill and dale, swam in streams, rolled in grassy spots, and chased after many interesting animal smells."

Dogs often give their owners countless hours of companionship and fun. However, other than an occasional trip in the car to the store or the vet, their outings are normally restricted to a walk around the neighborhood or perhaps a romp in the local park. A few pet owners, though, actually go on vacations with their canines, allowing their dogs to take in the sights and smells of places far beyond their backyards. Author White-Adams has taken the concept of traveling with man's best friend one step further by penning a series of charming illustrated travelogues starring her Border Terrier, Rusty.

In this third installment in the series, Rusty is off to Maine with his owners Bev and Pete. Before arriving the companions make a quick stop at Dog Mountain, a gorgeous 150-acre spot in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, set apart for dogs to explore without leashes. After spending some quality time there enjoying the mountain top views and seeing the Dog Chapel and art gallery of the late artist Stephen Huneck, the trio head out to Rangeley, Maine, to swim, hike, and check out some of the area attractions such as Cascade Gorge Trail and the home of scientist Wilhelm Reich. The surrounding animal life and natural beauty of places like Bigelow Preserve and Screw Auger Falls along with The Balsams, a hotel with a European feel just across the border into New Hampshire, help make Rusty's vacation memorable.

Written with a touch of whimsy and with helpful explanations for younger readers, the author's book is filled with pictures of Rusty obviously having a great time in the various spots he visits. White-Adams' affection for her pet shines through in this delightful and informative journey into Southwestern Maine that is sure to appeal to both kids and dog lovers.

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