The Adventures of Rusty: Rusty Goes to Maryland
by Beverly White-Adams and Rusty Adams
Trafford Publishing

"Let's go on vacation!"

Rusty Adams is one lucky terrier! He has a family that loves him very much. Plus, he gets to go on vacation with them. Rusty's latest vacation takes him to the beautiful state of Maryland where there's plenty of doggie fun to be had.

His "terrier tour guide" begins in Ocean City where the water is just right for a pooch who wants to do a little swimming. The beaches are wide and sandy, making them the perfect place for exploring, playing a few games of catch, and taking long walks with his master. Then, it's off to Pocomoke State Park. There are curvy tunnel slides to investigate and trails to hike. Rusty shows off his sophisticated canine side with stops at the Ward Wildfowl Museum and the posh Atlantic Hotel. Along the way, Rusty meets some new friends and even sees wild ponies and a few deer.

Rusty, being a dog, needs a little help writing about his adventures. So, his trusty human companion has done the writing for him. The result is a charming children's book. It's more of a travel guide seen through an energetic dog's eyes than a story, but the style works well. Children will delight in turning the pages to see what Rusty gets into next. Plenty of cute, color photos of Rusty and "his people" help bring this vacation to life. The good news is Rusty's not done traveling. He's headed to Maine and plans to share all the fun in an upcoming book.

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