The Adventures of Fearless Girls (from Taiwan)
by Lily Birmingham

"One day Linlin's friend Tommy says to Linlin, 'Do you know that tunnel behind the school? Do you ever wonder what's inside?'"

The Adventures of Fearless Girls chronicles the adventures of four sisters from northern Taiwan, who live in a semi-suburban area by a lake called Bitan ("Emerald Lake" in Chinese). The sisters—Linlin, Lili, Little Bacon, and Little Pea—have all kinds of experiences in the area where they live, be it attending a water skiing show for the first time, making a kite by hand, crossing a bamboo bridge when they go to visit a neighbor's home, exploring an old war tunnel while skipping school, or raising silkworms. In the end, the sisters always seem to rise on top and learn something useful from their experiences.

The book has a glossy, attractive cover, with full-color illustrations throughout, featuring little girls and their surroundings. A little bit of Chinese culture is given in the book, as well as a small map to show readers where Taiwan lies. Every chapter title has the Chinese and Pinyin equivalent next to it, and at the back of the book, there is a handy, little dictionary of simple, Chinese words that appear in the text to aid readers in learning the language, as well as the correct Chinese pronunciation, which has four tones.

Perfect for kids who want to learn Chinese, this book is straightforward, easy to follow, and fully interactive. The author, who grew up in Taiwan as a second child of four girls, captured memories of her childhood in several stories which will delight the young and old alike.

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