The Adventures of Bob and Reggie Book One
by Olivia Derro Braccio
Trafford Publishing

"Even though they were shut up in their houses for four days, they thought about the lesson they had learned, and all agreed that it was a very valuable one."

Fifteen-year-old Olivia Derro Braccio's The Adventures of Bob and Reggie Book One is both entertaining and educational. Filled with various biblical references, Braccio seamlessly helps bolster children's imaginations while simultaneously ingraining morals and safety rules from a young age.

The book is separated into two short stories, "Reggie Learns a Lesson," and "Bob andReggie's Bike Ride." In the first story, best friends Reggie and Bob are home on a rainy day, trying to think of something to do. Suddenly, they decide to take the umbrella and walk to the candy story. While Bob is paying for his candy bar, Reggie realizes that he doesn't have any money. Facing a difficult decision, he grabs the bar and walks out with his friend; however, the guilt crumbles away his essence until he finally spills the truth. For adults, the element of a rainy day as a kid will surely bring back fond memories. At the same time, Braccio's story teaches a valuable lesson that it is wrong to steal.

The second story, "Bob and Reggie's Bike Ride" caters to one of the all-time favorite activities for children: bike rides. In this story, Reggie and Bob, along with his two sisters are out for a bike ride. Their mother has clearly told them to avoid the path into the woods. Nevertheless, children will be children. Curiosity overpowers their rational nature and the group finds itself in a series of threatening situations and encounters with bizarre strangers. As they are completely lost, the question remains, will they find their way home? Even if they do, how will their parents react? In this story, the premise revolves around "Honor thy father and mother," and the importance of heeding warnings.

The combination of intriguing short stories, engaging characters, and delightful illustrations by Ivy Marie Apa will have children of all ages anxiously waiting for more of Bob and Reggie's adventures.

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