The Adventures and Life Lessons of Wolfy

by Lane Franks
Trafford Publishing

"Today you did something just like Jesus did long ago. You were willing to give your life to save someone else."

In an effort to bring children valuable teachings, and the experience of connecting with Jesus Christ, Lane Franks and son Landon have co-authored this inspiring tale. Here we meet Wolfy, a bright-eyed, inquisitive, Alaskan wolf pup, cherished and protected by his parents, Savage and Gentle. When a harrowing snake attack leaves Wolfy near death's door, friends and family gather at his bedside, hoping for his recovery. When Savage speaks to the wise, be-spectacled wolf surgeon, asking him to save his son, the doctor responds, "I will do the best I can, but only God can save Wolfy. You better pray like never before."

Much more than an animal adventure story, this genuine collaboration is woven throughout with a golden thread of Biblical thought. In stark contrast to the likes of Grandma's wild canine nemesis in the Little Red Riding Hood classic, Franks presents a loving, church-going wolf family with deep religious beliefs. Amidst a pleasant and entertaining forum, the storyline offers Biblical analogies and life lessons about love, family, friendship, self-sacrifice, and ultimately the power of prayer.

Simple illustrations throughout the book reveal bold, clearly defined images, with dark outlines and bright primary color contrasts. In particular, magnified visuals used to highlight the Diamondback's vicious attack on Wolfy, and ultimately Savage's heroic battle against the rattler, would seem an enticing draw to any adventurous young reader. Dramatically, a piercing blue eye, gnashing teeth, scars, and venomous fangs literally fill an entire page.

Inspired by the bedtime stories Franks told to his son, and in an effort to preserve those memories and help other youngsters find their own connection with Jesus, this work is a precious gift for any child and parent to share. The opening child's prayer appears an added sweet bonus, for all those interested in continuing on Wolfy's life path.

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