The Adventures of Callie:
The Story of a Rescued Calico Kitten
by Dr. Ida Acuña-Garza Trafford Publishing

"Callie was not at all sure what this all meant but she had a feeling that here she would be safe and loved and she had a new friend."

Callie the calico kitten is lost and afraid. Told from her perspective, this book follows her as she is tossed into the bed of a pick-up truck and abandoned near an imposing brick building. Her warm, nurturing mother and brothers and sisters are a distant memory, as Callie struggles to make sense of her new surroundings. Soon, Callie bumps into a young man who calls to her and tries to assure her that he means no harm. While Callie is reluctant to trust this strange, new figure, her extreme hunger and thirst soon drive her into his care. It's not long before Callie is whisked into a rumbling truck once more, only this time, instead of being abandoned, she is brought into a loving home.

Young children will be fascinated by the forlorn kitten's story as they discover Callie's strange surroundings and new family right along with her. Each page of the story is also presented in both English and Spanish, providing an engaging bilingual reading experience for young readers and parents alike. Still, the story could have benefitted from illustrations depicting Callie's adventures. As it stands, each page features the same pictures of Callie along the upper margins—pictures that are disconnected from the action taking place in the text. However, the lovely full color photographs of Callie along the front and back covers will certainly help readers imagine Callie's tale for themselves.

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