The Adventures of Wersel Driftwood 
by Gloria Gurden
Trafford Publishing


Wersel, a small bit of driftwood, gets pulled out to sea, away from the only home he has ever known, and swept away on an adventure. During his time away from home he meets a hydro log on her way down the waterway, some sailors on a tug boat and a playful dog named Scamp. Wersel and Scamp become fast friends but worry soon takes hold when Scamps family announces that it is time to move their trailer on down the road to the next location. Just when it seems that all hope is lost and Wersel may never get home, Scamp's family stops at their next trailer park. While out playing, Wersel realizes that he recognizes where they are and he and Scamp hurry to find his family.

A very imaginative story with characters that children would find easy to connect with and parents would enjoy reading. Illustrations that are interesting and whimsical add another dimension to the world building and help to make the story come alive. The Adventures of Wersel Driftwood displays a real spark of creativity from both the author and the illustrator. As a fifty page chapter book it has the ability to appeal to a wide age group of children.

Aside from some formatting and some editing errors, it met overall expectations of being a fun, lively read. As Wersel discovers in this story, adventures can be fun, scary and sad... but there is no place like home with close friends and family.

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