Adventures of Maggie the Cat
by Ginger Hubbs
Trafford Publishing

"The most important thing is a home and a family. A cat will never truly be happy until they are loved and have a home."

A sweet story about Maggie, a stray cat, who is looking for a new home. Not having much luck at first, Maggie gets kicked out of every dwelling that she wants to settle in by other unfriendly resident cats, whether it is under a bridge, in a deserted alley, or below a large, shady tree. Finally, frustrated and tired from all her adventures, Maggie happens upon a little girl, who is being teased by some other children. Maggie chases the kids off and becomes friends with the girl, who cleans her up and gives her a forever home.

The picture book, based on a true story, has a full-color soft cover, with Disney-like illustrations done by Taylor Mallatt. The pictures feature Maggie, other cats, and their surroundings. On the back cover, there is a photograph of the true Maggie the cat, and the illustrations do justice to her, as they do look like her. The book is easy to follow and to grasp for small children, and it is a good story to read out loud to a child as it has a strong beginning and end. On the back cover, the author advises readers to be kind to animals, which ties in well with the book's message. A cute, visual read for young and old alike, it will make readers both sad and happy.

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