Aegis Incursion
by S. S. Segran

"The man in black started dissolving right in front of their eyes and dispersed into a cloud of particles that began to glow a deep blood-red."

The sequel to Aegis Rising brings us back into the lives of Jag, Tegan, Aari, Mariah, and Kody as the five young incarnations foretold by an ancient hidden prophecy. However, their memories of their adventure in the village of Dema-Ki have been mysteriously erased, causing a strain in their families and their own friendship. But when a summer road trip to California turns hazardous, memories begin returning, and superpowers along with them. It appears that the sinister organization behind Quest Mining and Quest Defense has a new strategy up their sleeve and some terrifying new creations to go along with it. As a mysterious plague is destroying necessary food crops around the world and creating shortages and riots, the five teenagers must again do their best to prevent the world from falling into chaos.

Where the first book excelled in building a mythology and a legend capped with an exciting showdown, the sequel provides nearly cover-to-cover action that never loosens its hold on the reader. Once the wheels of the plot begin turning, it isn't long before kidnappings, explosions, gunfire, fearful monsters, shadowy ringleaders, and espionage begin unfolding across dozens of chapters and multiple U.S. states. There are occasional moments where the story comes up for air, but with new characters both good and bad and more build-up to the inevitable tipping point of the world, the action is the clear focal point here. A good sequel stands alone as a strong work without the accomplishments of its predecessors, but a great sequel inspires readers to go back and relive a book they've already read, and that is precisely what this book accomplishes.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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