Albert and the Plague of Miracles
by David Key  
Trafford Publishing

"The Earthly newspapers had reported the phenomena as a real Plague of Miracles but either the news of the deadly devices had been suppressed or had been unknown to the reporters as this was not mentioned. Several world leaders knew how close they had come to disaster but they weren't saying anything either."

Albert finds himself on the unlucky receiving end of a freak accident which ends his life so quickly that even heaven wasn't expecting him. Thrust into the role of an angel by pure chance, he and three fellow angels form and unlikely friendship that gets put through several tests including directly disobeying angelic law to do what they think is right in the form of earthly interference. Their commitment to save human lives from the hands of a madman and take down one of their own, who is leading a personal vendetta from above, forces them to take extreme chances. This might bring them very harsh punishments if not heavenly expulsion.

This novel takes an interesting perspective of heaven and the afterlife. Painting it with many more humanly aspects and characteristics than traditionally portrayed, it investigates angelic corruption and passion, even having angels experience pain, lust, and frustration. These are not things typically descriptive of the Christian home for eternity. While the author delves into interesting concepts and takes risks to build his novel, there are multiple stylistic and grammatical errors that prove distracting to the reader. Obviously, great thought was put into certain details including angelic laws and roles in heaven as well as assumptions for interacting with those still living. The author does a nice job with those points and with character development allowing the reader to both identify and rally behind the eventual victory and exoneration of the main characters of the story.

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