Alfred Visits New York City
by Missie McPherson & Elizabeth O'Neill
Trafford Publishing

"The best way to know people is to walk in their shoes."

Dedicated to New York City, McPherson and O'Neill reel in young readers with vibrant illustrations that they can relate to and a short and simple sentence structure that caters to young developing minds and their aptitude for critical thinking and reading comprehension.

The story focuses on Alfred'’s trip to New York City and his exploration of all the popular landmarks. From relaxing and listening to musicians play at Central Park to feasting one's eyes on the Statue of Liberty, the book precisely captures the spirit of New York City, and, in the children's eyes, renders it enchanting. Moreover, the authors dedicate entire pages to New York City's staples: the Guggenheim Museum, Rockefeller Center, and the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Portrayals of Chinatown and Italian cuisine are not be missed.

On a deeper level, the cultural diversity represented within these pages is an excellent opportunity for young minds to embrace the creativity and the unique differences that make up a community. The ability to grasp this concept from an elementary age will not only enlighten today's younger generation, but will also serve to build an educated and tolerant society.

While children will undoubtedly enjoy the story and illustrations, Alfred Visits New York City is arguably more valuable for educators. After all, one educator can reach dozens of children. The message of embracing diversity, using simple, yet compelling stories like this can certainly expedite the process of understanding differences in youth worldwide. Overall, This book is tailor-made for early, elementary-age students and will provide an educational and entertaining experience.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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