Alfred Visits Florida
by Missie McPherson and Elizabeth O'Neill
Trafford Publishing

"Alfred brings flowers to the Kennedy Space Center, in recognition of their achievement."

Alfred the elephant and his friend Mr. Monocle have just traveled from Africa to Florida by plane and parachute down to the beach below. After arriving, the two go on a sightseeing tour of the southern U.S. state. They spot local wildlife, try fresh oranges from the trees, and visit landmarks like the Kennedy Space Center and the Castillo de San Marcos. Together they play on the sandy beaches and watch surfers riding tall waves before stopping by the numerous theme parks in the state. Their trip together ends with some more time in the water near fishers and then an air boat trip through Everglades National Park. Having gone around the state, Alfred and Mr. Monocle depart and head back home to Africa.

Using full-page watercolor illustrations, this book is a primer for any child getting ready for a family vacation to the Sunshine State. Focusing almost entirely on the fun things one can do while visiting or living in Florida, the pictures and descriptions will no doubt inspire excitement and anticipation in young readers. The read itself is fairly short, meaning it won't keep little ones occupied for long in case of a road trip, but the ensuing conversations about all the things to see and do will certainly stretch out into days. The character Alfred is big, colorful, and friendly, and children will enjoy reading about his travels and getting to know him from the tip of his trunk down to the brightly colored sneakers on his feet.

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