"It is an accepted fact that energy is eternal. It can neither be created from nothing, nor can it be destroyed; it can only be transformed."

For nearly a week, a man is missing in Death Valley, California. When he is found, surprisingly he is not only alive, but he is healthy and virtually untarnished by his ordeal. On the way back to the bosom of his wife and grandchildren, he recounts an incredible story to his son. It is a story of epic proportion—too fantastic to be believed yet too detailed to be fabricated.

Author Kriete’s novel is not just another tale of alien abduction. His story is an involving blend of scientific fact, theory, and fiction, wrapped around an extrapolation of worlds beyond our own that offer hope for the one in which we dwell. It tells the story of a middle-aged engineer accidentally beamed up into a spacecraft and befriended by a higher life form that takes him on a marvelous journey. It is a journey not only of adventure, but also of expanding knowledge as the engineer queries the alien and learns of events in the past, present, and future that have been, are, and will be, influenced by forces beyond human capabilities or consciousness.

Aside from the occasional conversational profanity, Kriete keeps his tale family friendly in tone and content. However, his forays into scientific jujitsu can occasionally make the eyes glaze over. The author obviously realizes this as he even goes to the trouble to insert a Reader Note in the text advising which chapters can be skipped without harm to the plot, "...if science is not your cup of tea." This is a science fiction novel with more on its mind than just being another interstellar western. If the blending of fact and fiction, historical events, and future potentialities intrigue you, then you just might want to come along for this mind-expanding, galactic ride.

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