Alien Within
by Lawrence Burk
Authors Press

"We should not kid ourselves; every species on this planet has had some form of genetic alteration, compliments of God."

When staring death in the face and learning to accept it, Lincoln Cross experiences an extraordinary thing. An unexplainable occurrence brings him face to face with a life force unbeknownst to man, appearing as bubbles but behaving like no substance on Earth. When Lincoln comes in contact with this force, it changes his life forever. His terminal illnesses vanish, he feels younger and more energetic, his senses sharpen, and he is even able to tap into supernatural powers. Naming this force God, Lincoln asks it many questions in order to understand the nature of human existence, why we are here, and what he can do with these abilities to improve life. However, he also becomes aware of the existence of alien life and how some species are already present on Earth with plans that do not mesh with the progress of the human race.

The narration of this book is unique in its delivery. Though this is a story about an alien invasion and the existence of unconfirmed entities such as alien races and God, the narration from Lincoln is intensely private. The first half-dozen chapters of the book are personal stories about his suffering before God and his drive and determination afterward. As the scope of the story pans back and begins to focus on the growing conflict between humans and Greys, that personal touch is diminished but never goes away. Even as more characters are added to the story and the action accelerates as the danger approaches, Lincoln still offers his belief and perspective up to the end of the story. Fascinating as it unfolds and demystifies, this book is imaginative and entertaining, leaving the reader with just enough questions to ponder after the epilogue.

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