Alien, I
by Ipam

"Mother Nature had given up on the planet of Earth."

It is day 10,621. Earth has been destroyed by man's indulgences. Survivors have forged a new way of life, but time is running out for continued viability. The government must seek a new place for earthlings to colonize before time runs out.

A mission will travel through the galaxy in search of a habitable planet. Starra Starlight, a successful farmer with a long family history of loyalty and prosperity, is tested and chosen for special training. A dangerous undertaking for all, Starra's heightened psychic abilities are needed to assist in this endeavor. It will take all of these abilities and more to complete the strenuous journey.

Once in flight, it becomes apparent Starra won't only be fighting the unknown in space; she will be fighting for her own survival against forceful enemies within the team. Arriving on the Planet Commerce, the mission believes the place will offer what earthlings need to continue. Starra finds friends, love with Prince Rann, and treachery among the inhabitants. Subsequently, the loss of love, knowledge of bitter betrayal, and the threat of being hung swiftly move the reader to a satisfying conclusion.

Author Ipam (Pamela Barlow) has created, with detail, color, and believability, the new world of Earth, plus other life on a distant planet. The battle scenes are vividly enhanced by futuristic capabilities and equipment. Written in the diary style of first person, the author paints a picture of a multi-faceted character proving to be adept at carrying the reader along on this otherworld journey.

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