Aliens in Wonderland

by Ian Jefferson Matthews
Trafford Publishing

"Rael was instructed by the Council of Eternals that he should find a friendly land and build a landing pad in anticipation of them, sometime in the very near future."

In this fascinating portrayal, the author brings to light what he believes are the true origins of mankind, God, and Satan, and extrapolates on the existence of extraterrestrials (or ETs), their characteristics, and how they might be helping or harming mankind. Through the course of twelve chapters, the author describes the origin of the being we call God (Yama Raja), and the planet of our creators, called Elohim (translated as "those who came from the sky"), located about one light year away from Earth. Matthews describes that the Elohim have advanced scientific knowledge about DNA and cloning and they can create any creature they desire. He also questions the idea of Heaven and Hell, as most people know it from holy books. Last but not least, the author chronicles the journeys of one Buzz Andrews, who learned to fly an alien aircraft and also discusses a miracle cure of cancer, one that the government has been hiding from the population at large.

Matthews adopts a friendly tone throughout the book and even includes some snap shots of various evidence at the end, such as instructions how to fly an alien spacecraft or information about irradiated foods which may cause cancer. One drawback is that the book could have been organized somewhat better by different topics, and also a list of works cited might lend the book more depth. This is a great book for the lovers for ETs, aliens, and government conspiracies and cover ups.

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