Alliance Eternity
by Daniel Giroux
Trafford Publishing

"Fear will be the tool utilized to confuse the hearts of men and women."

Daniel Giroux's Alliance Eternity begins innocently enough with Robyn coming to work on the farm that belonged to Ariel's father. They form an instant attraction that intensifies after meeting Morgan, the leader of the White Knights and a firm believer in serving the Creator through the order.

Interestingly, both Ariel and Robyn are blessed with gifts and spirit guides who aid in the fulfillment of their destiny. Ariel has the ability of telekinesis, or moving objects with his mind, while Robyn is able to see visions of the future. Unable to stay apart, the couple wed; however, they will find their relationship strained by the power struggle that ensues around them. While Robyn is haunted by the ghosts of her sexually-abusive past, Ariel's perspective shifts toward how powerful he can become. Like his telekinetic predecessors, Ariel seems destined to fall and be consumed by his power. Can Robyn's love prevent Ariel from engaging in such folly and leading the White Knights?

At its heart, the book is a fusion of an epic love story and the inevitable mission of the White Knights. Teaming up with other White Knights, including Celina, Elisha, Thomas, Darthan, and Elena, Ariel and Robyn become part of the family. With every passing event, their relationship evolves, presenting new trials and tribulations. Aside from love, the story exposes a slew of raw human emotions, including pain and grief. The intestinal fortitude of the White Knights will be tested when they lose their own in battle. Some will be pushed to the limit and desire to leave the knighthood, while others will gain in resolve and be more determined than ever.

Overall, this is a beautiful love story that exposes pertinent elements of life and one's duty to fight and serve the Creator in all capacities. Ariel and Robyn's eternal love story mirrors that of all couples: There are plenty of peaks and valleys, but ultimately love is the thread that keeps them united in alliance for eternity.

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