"'Thank you, my land, for beckoning me here. I will honour you if you care for me!'"

Rex’s interest in anthropology, combined with his aboriginal ancestry, leads him to search for clues about his heritage in the wilderness. Believing his deceased grandmother’s spirit resides inside of an ancient tree known as Gran Yan, he takes the opportunity before the camping season gets underway to spend time sleeping underneath the tree. When he sleeps in this fashion, Rex is able to communicate with his grandmother and have the history of his people relayed to him. This time, Rex learns about the Booran clan and the peculiar genius of Mullawanda, a future elder fascinated by the potential for flight. Following the history of the clan for generations and its interactions with other tribes of the area, Rex (and the reader) will learn about the lifestyles and mysteries of these intriguing people.

Immediately upon starting this book, the reader will be blown away by the sheer amount of love and detail that goes into capturing the lives of these aboriginal Australian tribes. The author has gone to great lengths to be as accurate as possible while also telling a complete story and having to fill in historical and linguistic gaps where no information exists. The finished product will fascinate with its history and information and delight with the imaginative dialogue and events of days long past. At the end of the book is a glossary of aboriginal terms and a genealogical listing of the characters of the book, their tribes, and their roles within said tribes. Now two books in, the Dreamtime Mysteries series will captivate its readers and give them a greater perspective on the varying cultures and development of human history.

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