Am I BIG or Am I Little?
by Eileen Simonsen

". . . I am too little to brush my own teeth . . . I am too big to have a binky."

The world can be one big conundrum for children. For curious young ones, it is often a world of contradictions and confusion. Remember making odd assumptions such as thinking the kindergarten teacher had webbed feet because she took off her shoes while wearing pantyhose? Simonsen's book cheerfully points out how confusing the world must seem to the preschool and kindergarten crowd. The main character, Violet, is a toddler. One day, she is told how big she is because she masters putting on her shoes all by herself, but soon after she is told that she is too little to wear her aunt's shiny red heels; then, she is big because she can run fast but too little to cross the street without holding an adult's hand.

This engaging book is clearly written by a teacher. She understands the vocabulary of a six-year-old and obviously knows how to write to that reading level. Reading this book to kids can be fun, but one should be prepared for a plethora of questions. This is because Simonsen cleverly points out the confusion, but leaves it to the reader to frame the answers. Beautifully illustrated, bright, and colorful, this book is a kindergarten winner. The cover, showing a birthday party, is a feel-good scene. The good feelings keep coming as kids read and hear their own confusions expressed in book form. This is a great book to read to preschoolers, while five-year-olds will feel big and accomplished when they can read this adorable book for themselves.

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