The Amberella Tales:
Amberella and Double Double Trouble
by Rosemarie Kaupp illustrated by Marvin Alonzo Trafford Publishing

"To my wonderful dog, Amber, for sharing so many devoted and loving years with me and making the inspiration for this series possible."

This wonderful book is second in a series of tales of Amberella and Prince, two young married canines who have rambunctious puppies. Set in France, and complete with some basic French vocabulary translations and pronunciations for young people, the joy, humor, and love displayed by a variety of true characters is reminiscent of the "the good guys" in 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp. Grand-mère is the main human: a lovable and loving "service person" to the canine family, who can understand their speech. In addition to her "human mother" and puppies, Amberella has canine parents and formerly snooty French Poodle sisters, a human visitor called Farmer's Wife by the canines, and a Cook called Cooke. The dogs are visited by an eccentric presence who is reminiscent of the character of Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird. Other interesting folks include a homesick older dog named Madame Hortensia and her loving human, Mrs. Bertrand, who, with Grand-mère's and the puppies' help, rejuvenate Madame by taking her on a trip to her home city, Paris.

Kaupp's stories sketch a loving, multi-species community that is cohesive, even as its members are strong and determined individuals. Differences and conflicts exist that edify and educate the group. Children learn to be themselves, make friends who are different, and have adventureseven be disobedientand retain the love, fun, and acceptance of a loving family. This book deserves recognition for its charming, positive content.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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