The Amberella Tales:
Amberella in the City
by Rosemarie Kaupp Illustrated by Marvin Alonso Trafford Publishing

"Amberella may have been little, but she was brave. She thought she would like to go to the city and learn new things."

Amberella the puppy lives on a large farm with her mother, father, and two brothers, but she doesn't quite fit in. She doesn't particularly enjoy playing in the mud like her brothers, nor does she like watching over the chickens alongside her mother, and she's much too small to be a guard dog like her father. Thus, when the opportunity arises for her to leave the country for the big city and a new family, the small puppy does not hesitate. Soon, Amberella meets Grand-mère, a pet-loving grandmother that has a special way with dogs. Together with Grand-mère's French poodles, Amberella soon learns everything from how to walk on a leash to how to bark in French. Before long, Amberella is throwing parties and heading to Paris, living a life fit for a pampered puppy.

Amberella's many adventures are broken down into self-contained, entertaining chapters, resulting in a manageable pace for young readers just beginning to take on chapter books. Amberella's adventures in the city will impart important lessons for young readers about responsibility, education, and friendship in a manner that is both heartwarming and humorous. Young readers will also pick up on a few French words along the way as they witness the funny antics of French poodles Zozue and Tutsu along with Amberella. Alonso's clean illustrations provide the perfect complement to this warm, fun-loving narrative about friendship, family, and puppy love.

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