An American Crisis: Veterans' Unemployment
by Mark Baird
Inspired Authors Press

"The 1,000-year world domination of Rome ended when its citizens no longer would enter the military because there were no benefits or employment safety net for them when their term of service ended."

Author Mark Baird's lifelong mission is to ensure America stays strong by keeping Veterans respected and employed. To that end, he has not only started, a job post for Veterans, but has co-written, along with 23 others, a how-to book intended to help them. The book is broken into twenty-four chapters, mostly narrated by a different Veteran—of finding a first job, spending too much money on credit, opening a home business, etc. Some chapters are intended more for businesses, providing step-by-step procedures about how to hire Veterans. Some chapters are intended for Veterans seeking employment with tips such as don't expect too high an income, network, and read the book What Color is Your Parachute? among others. Some chapters are intended for both readers, with half a chapter dedicated to why a Veteran should be hired and half a chapter offering advice to job-seeking Veterans.

The information is well-researched and the accompanying personal vignettes about each Veteran's unique military service are interesting. The authors are trying to reach many people: the business owner, the average Joe interested in hearing war stories, and the Veteran in need of a job. The promotion says, "Buy a book—help a Veteran," although a Veteran in need of a job, and perhaps suffering from the otherworldly experience of defending our country, might get lost in the jungle of extra information about what the DOD should do (but is not yet doing) to help Veterans. Or why the Reserves System in the National Guard doesn't do employment-seeking individuals any favors. Or after all that a soldier sacrifices, he/she should get more respect. All of these chapters are certainly valid and interesting, and, therefore, this book seems best suited for those seeking the big picture and overall state of affairs regarding Veterans seeking a gainful position in society.

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